Michael Finnegan

Artist, curator & educator

Swarm Intelligence 

Amherst Street Gallery at New Hampshire Institute of the Arts

The exhibition Swarm Intelligence engages three sets of artists; the artist collaborative, Swarm Intelligence, NHIA Alumni, and NHIA Foundations Drawing Students, in an effort to make three distinct but connected drawings within the Amherst Street Gallery. The intended result is to create a combined effect that is greater than the efforts of each individual or any single group. As Swarm Intelligence, artists Lynda Schlosberg, Denise Driscoll, Michael Finnegan, Jeffery Ellse, Keith MacLelland, Carol Mordecai Myers and Alison Williams approach various projects with the desire to find new ways to work together.

Artists: Denise Driscoll, Lynda Schlosberg, Carol Mordecai Myers, Michael Finnegan, Keith McLelland, Jeffrey Ellse and Alison Williams