Michael Finnegan

Artist, curator & educator


The first ever gallery show for our AIB Masters of Fine Arts alumni will be held this winter. Brought to realization by a dedicated committee – Kate Farrington ’09, Mike Finnegan ’08, Greg Kitterle ’09, Carolyn Latourelle ’07, and Keith MacLelland ’98, MFA ’07 – this Alumni Exhibition ‘MFAConnects@POSTAIB.edu’ will feature the work of 83 alumni artists from all over the world. Purposely set on the first night of the winter residency so as to include all those who have yet to complete the program, it celebrates a community. Not a virtual one, but one in the real world.

For all the artists, there is instant recognition – a kind of invisible nod that says: “we share an understanding.” To signify that bond, each artwork is accompanied by the thesis advisor’s quote that appeared alongside the culminating images in each of the graduation catalogues. Like a “senior quote,” this statement is a right of passage and a summation of the MFA experience. With no dominant movement, artists today enjoy enormous freedom in making art. While there is a notable absence of conceptual, performance, “big production” art, or purely idea-driven objects, the pieces in this show evidence a careful and sensitive reinvestment in art making, or to say it another way, a reinvention of known forms. Perhaps the intense searching demanded in an MFA program accounts for such emphasis on personal expression.